Neema means Grace...

Why is grace important to wellness?

Grace is a gentle reminder to avoid holding on to feelings of self-doubt, self-criticism, shame, and pity. When you give yourself grace, you develop an understanding that you are not perfect, and that leaves room for you to forgive past mistakes and poor judgment in order to move forward.

Grace is NOT meant to excuse us, it is meant to CHANGE us. When negative experiences and/or feelings can be met with acceptance, then grace should prompt ACTION. That action may be in the form of acknowledging responsibility for choices you've made, developing a regimen of self-care, or simply being deliberate about making different choices moving forward.

When we can recognize that grace is forever working as a change agent in our lives, we are able to grow. When we experience growth, not only can we continue to extend ourselves grace, but we can also consistently give grace to others.